Green Living



The Wildwood Senior Living has met the stringent requirements of the ICC 700-2012 National Green Building Standard! This designates The Wildwood as a Certified Green Building, meaning that our community has been designed and built to be environmentally friendly, benefitting both our residents and the world as a whole!

The Wildwood provides Healthy Environments

  • Engineered to limit moisture problems that attract pests and contribute to mold
  • Designed to provide an appropriate level of fresh air
  • Built with smart product selection and fresh air ventilation that limits indoor pollutants

The Wildwood utilizes Real Efficiencies

  • Designed using high-performance equipment and cutting-edge building science to save energy and water
  • Built with durable products and techniques to reduce maintenance costs
  • Engineered to be more comfortable and save on operating costs

The Wildwood promotes Sustainable Lifestyles

  • Constructed efficiently to generate less pollution and create environmental benefits for the surrounding neighborhood
  • Constructed to create efficiencies that help lower residents' carbon footprints to include installation of solar panels